2020 Salutatorian: Reena Alame

Reena Alame
’20 became a Fort Worth Country Day Falcon as a second-grader. She plans to attend Southern Methodist University, where she will major in biology and pursue a pre-med track, with either a double major or minor in business. “One day, I hope to be a surgeon with my own private practice,” she said. “College will help me determine what type of surgeon I want to be.”
The 3A’s are time-honored at FWCD, and Alame embraced them all. She was a standout student, taking seven AP classes, seven Honors courses and one Post-AP class. Alame’s art passion is journalism focused. She was a member of the Falcon Quill team all four years of high school and, as a senior, served as Co-Editor-in-Chief.
A focused student-athlete, Alame participated in track for six years, running the 100m, 200m, 4x100m, 4x200m, and 4x400m, plus competing in the long jump. She served as track team captain as a junior and competed in the Southwest Preparatory Conference Championship in individual races as wekk as was the first leg for the 4x100m relay races. She also played field hockey as a sophomore and junior.
Always up for a challenge, Alame’s favorite classes were AP Chemistry and AP BC Calculus.
“Initially, I was scared to take those classes because I had heard other students talk about how difficult they were,” she noted. “I took the courses because I was truly curious and passionate about the maths and sciences. Having to work hard in those classes and stay dedicated only validated my love for those subjects even more. There were definitely times when I hit roadblocks in AP Chem and BC Calc, but taking those classes were some of the most fulfilling courses I took at FWCD because learning about topics I am actually passionate about makes all the difference and is so worthwhile.”
Her time at FWCD has been profoundly impactful. She advises students to take a class with Upper School Math Teacher Dr. Heather Peace. “I had her for both Honors Analysis and Multivariable, and the care she shows toward her students is unparalleled,” Alame said. “She would always encourage us and make jokes with us during class. It is amazing to see how invested she is in her students and their learning.”
She also has rave reviews for Upper School Science Teacher John Cordell. “He is one of my favorites,” Alame said. “He’s so caring and hilarious and never fails to make class interesting and exciting.”
Outside of school, Alame enjoys hanging out with friends, traveling around the world and volunteering. She has served as a Breakthrough Fort Worth Teacher’s Assistant and was a Research Volunteer in Dr. Andras Lacko’s lab at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, where she researched nanoparticle drug delivery targeting cancer cells.
When she goes to college, Alame will miss not seeing and spending time with the people she has grown up with and surrounded herself with over the last 11 years. “I am going to miss how amazing and supportive all the teachers were and the comfort of stepping on the FWCD campus and knowing this is a place where everyone simply wants the best for you,” she said. “I know that anytime you ask someone what they love most about FWCD, the answer is almost always the community, which seems broad and generic, but that’s because the FWCD community is hard to describe in words. It's so different and unique in a good way ... you just know by a gut feeling that it's what you will miss the most.”
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