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A Message from the FWCD Fund Chairs

The Nelson family: Ed '89, Reese '21, Chloe '27, Laura and Emily '27
The Nelson family: Ed '89, Reese '21, Chloe '27, Laura and Emily '27

Dear Falcon Families,

We are honored and energized to serve as FWCD Fund Chairs for the 2023-24 school year. FWCD holds a special place in our hearts, and our ties run deep. Ed is an FWCD Original. He started kindergarten in 1976 and graduated in the Class of 1989. His four siblings, Bales ’92, Parker ’10, Madison ’14 and Branson ’16, followed suit.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our son, Reese ’21, also is an Original. And our daughters, Emily ’27 and Chloe ’27, just finished Middle School and are excited to see what Upper School has in store. All told, Nelsons have spent 96 years on the FWCD campus … so far!

As long-time supporters of The FWCD Fund, we know that Fund donations are critical to FWCD operations and are used to enhance the School in so many ways. The Fund impacts every aspect of the School, from tuition assistance to security enhancements to academics to athletics to technology to the arts. Simply put, The Fund makes Fort Worth Country Day a better, safer, more dynamic place!  

Your gifts to The Fund ensure that FWCD remains a premier private school that other schools admire and seek to emulate. But it takes everyone. No matter how large or small the gift, the power of synergistic, community-wide giving ensures that our children, and generations of Falcons to come, receive exceptional classroom experiences and are provided the opportunity to cultivate talents in first-rate arts and athletics programs.

Please donate to The FWCD Fund. Give for all the reasons you and your family love the School. The Fund is a way for the entire School community to express enthusiasm and support for all things that make FWCD such an amazing place. Join us in this annual effort, and help us Back the Plaid!

Go Falcons!  

Laura and Ed Nelson ’89
FWCD Fund Chairs 2023-24

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Every Gift Benefits Every Child

The generosity of the Falcon community is unparalleled! Last year, The FWCD Fund raised over $1.2 million dollars in unrestricted dollars. For those who donated, we are grateful. The FWCD Fund allows the School to be responsive, innovative, and take advantage of new opportunities. This has always been at the core of FWCD, and it is through our Falcon families’ generous support that the School can provide meaningful experiences to each student. The FWCD Fund is built into the School’s annual operating budget and is the thread that enhances all aspects of our programming. Every gift benefits every child.

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Make FWCD one of your philanthropic priorities and become a member of this impactful group. Making monthly payments from May to June can help you reach the Keystone Council level.

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View the 2023-24 Mock Annual Report

The 2023-24 Mock Annual Report is now available for review. Fort Worth Country Day is grateful for your generosity and support of The FWCD Fund, which is an important part of the School’s operating budget every year. Please login to MyFWCD to review the Mock Annual Report to confirm your information is listed correctly for gifts made between July 1, 2023, and March 1, 2024. If you do not have login access, please contact Annual Fund Manager Geraldine Williams at [email protected] for assistance with accessing.

Ways to Give at FWCD

PurposePrimary source of operating revenue for the School.
TimeframeAssessed annually.
Designation AreasTuition dollars allocated by a budget approved by the Board of Trustees.
SolicitationEnrollment contracts are emailed to families in January.
Method of GivingPaid online or by check to the Business Office.
Impact88% of the School’s operations funded by tuition.
Charitable DeductionNo
PurposeFunds educational initiatives and operational enhancements that tuition alone does not cover.
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasUnrestricted, but can be designated in one of eight areas.
SolicitationSolicits contributions with the help of volunteers through direct mail, email, text and phone calls.
Method of GivingGifts made each fiscal year by cash, check, credit card or stock transfer.
ImpactMakes a difference in the life of current students, faculty and staff by providing necessary resources that would otherwise not be possible without support. $1 million in unrestricted giving and 100% parent participation is always the goal.
Charitable DeductionYes, within the guidelines of IRS regulations.
Supporting CAST
PurposeFunds visual and performing arts activities that otherwise would not be supported.
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasRestricted to the art programs.
SolicitationSolicits contributions with the help of volunteers through direct mail and email.
Method of GivingGifts made each fiscal year by cash, check, credit card or stock transfer.
ImpactExperiences enhance students’ artistic visions, open their minds to the arts world beyond FWCD and engage them in handson work with dynamic professionals.
Charitable DeductionYes, within the guidelines of IRS regulations.
Falcon Club
PurposeCreates school spirit, support and enthusiasm for FWCD athletics throughout the School community.
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasSupports the athletic and PE programs for JK-12 grade.
SolicitationSolicits membership throughout the school year via email, phone calls and at varsity home games.
Method of GivingMembership and merchandise paid by cash, check, credit card or billed to student accounts.
ImpactGenerates revenue to support the PE and athletic programs beyond the operational budget.
Charitable DeductionYes, within the guidelines of IRS regulations.
Parent Faculty Association
PurposeBuilds community among parents by hosting events and activities while also fundraising for the School.
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasDetermined by the PFA Executive Committee to help JK-12 students and faculty.
SolicitationSupport for events like Carnival, Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Sale, Bingo or the Spring Party are via email, phone and text.
Method of GivingSupport made by cash, check or credit card.
ImpactFunds raised by the PFA go back to FWCD in the form of gifts requested by all divisions and areas of the School.
Charitable DeductionNo
Planned Giving
PurposeAny gift that a donor includes in estate planning; allows the donor to keep more of what they have earned through their lifetime, but allows a far greater gift to FWCD in the future.
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasDesignated by the donor to support a specific area within the School.
SolicitationContact the Director of Advancement at 817.302.3223
Method of GivingDocumented bequests and other estate planning vehicles, such as life income plans.
ImpactBenefits future generations of FWCD students, and can have financial benefits to donor through annuity, etc.
Charitable DeductionYes, within the guidelines of IRS regulations.
Corporate Partners
PurposeFeed and clothe your family while giving back to FWCD!
TimeframeJuly 1 through June 30
Designation AreasAllocated to the Greatest Need area.
Method of GivingShopping via vendors like Amazon Smile, Tom Thumb or Kroger; a percent of purchase goes back to FWCD.
ImpactEvery dollar to FWCD makes a big impact in the life of the School. But shopping through our partner vendors gives back while families purchase items they need.
Charitable DeductionNo

The FWCD Fund Committee

Special Thanks to The FWCD Fund Committee

The FWCD Fund Chairs

  • Laura and Ed Nelson ’89

FWCD Fund Committee

  • Tasa (Lefler) ’88 and Frank Anderson
  • Jane and Justin Askins
  • Duffy and Scott Bloemendal
  • Jackie and Alex Caceres
  • Paige and Reagan Casey
  • Christie and Chris Dull
  • Amanda and Jamie Galati
  • Erin and Perry Glover
  • Courtney and Jeff Hess
  • Tanya and Patrick McClanahan
  • Keelie and Matt Montague
  • Valerie (Bloch) ’01 and Jeff Montgomery
  • Lauren and Braden Moore
  • Amie and Brad Ogle
  • Barbara and Thurman Schweitzer
  • Laura and Mark Standish
  • Blair (Taylor) ’99 and John Walker

Fort Worth Country Day has an institutional commitment to the principles of diversity. In that spirit, the School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin in admissions, the administration of its educational policies, financial aid, athletics, and other School-administered programs.