Senior Singer/Songwriter Releases First Album

Performing in operas and different choirs since she was 5, Gilpin has always incorporated music into her life. “My dad is a jazz pianist, and he also sells music equipment, so he always has access to a home studio,” she said. “I started writing music when I started taking lessons with the classical guitar, because I had something to accompany myself. It started off with just covers, but as I grew more comfortable with the instrument, I was able to rearrange the chords for myself and make something out of it.”
Gilpin’s dad plays a mentoring role in her life as does her guitar teacher, Will Douglas, who has really helped her develop her skills.
On her album, every song is different. “The song that people seem to love the most, Somber Sea, actually came out of nowhere,” she admitted. “I just took random words that I thought sounded cool and then put them together, so the lyrics really have no personal meaning to me at all. However, Princess Day, is highly personal to me. It’s about my sister traveling all over the world to perform her ballet.”
Gilpin’s personal favorite song is What a Morning, because I wrote it on the piano, and I don’t actually know what the chords are. “I just picked out random keys and created this dissonant song that I really like,” she said.
Somber Sea on is available on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music! Listen to Glipin’s full album.
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