Fort Worth Country Day’s Class of 2022

By Kristin Larsen, Director of College Counseling
The 93 members of the Class of 2022 submitted 759 applications to 165 colleges and universities and were accepted at 135 of them. They have enrolled at 50 different institutions across the United States and internationally. To date, 49% of the class will attend out-of-state colleges and universities; 51% will attend Texas colleges and universities.
Fort Worth Country Day’s historic highest enrolling institutions once again dominate its “Top 5” list. Taking the lead is Texas A&M University and its 12 soon-to-be Aggies. Overcoming last year’s low enrollment of only three Falcons, Texas Christian University moves into second place with nine new Horned Frogs. Moving from second to third place this year, The University of Texas at Austin will welcome eight new Longhorns. This year’s fourth spot is shared by Southern Methodist University and the University of South Carolina, enrolling four students each. And, fifth place extends past the typical “Top 5” with three students attending both the University of Mississippi and the University of Oklahoma.

Choosing an additional 43 different institutions suggests that Falcons continue to stretch their wings and attend a wide variety of colleges and universities. They will join six campus communities for the first time in at least 17 or more years, including Howard University, Lewis & Clark College, Marymount Manhattan College, Pace University, and the University of Kentucky. 

Three seniors are responsible for adding three Ivy League institutions to this year’s list of college acceptances – Cornell University (2), Harvard University (2), and Yale University. This fall, a total of nine Falcons from the Classes of 2019-22 will attend four of the eight Ivies: Cornell University, Harvard University (3), the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University (4). 

Three seniors will become collegiate athletes at their respective institutions, which include Harvard University (football), Southwestern University (women’s soccer), and Texas A&M University (men’s track and field).

Affordability, especially during this pandemic-affected time, remains a top concern for many FWCD families, and 79 of the 93 seniors were awarded more than $14.2 million in merit-based scholarships and awards (85% of the class). Forty-four of these students will attend colleges and universities where they will utilize more than $2.6 million.

As always, Fort Worth Country Day senior Falcons are an impressive group and continue to soar higher.
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