Fourth-Graders Discover Flavors of the World

Fourth-graders celebrated the amazing food our diverse and beautiful world offers through a delectable program called Flavors of the World. View the slideshow. The program, sponsored by Lower School Spanish Teachers Gaby Booth and Natasha Hatcher and Lower School French Teacher Nevine Watkins, also provided an opportunity to bridge community and cultural diversity.
Students volunteered to showcase a dish – an appetizer, entrée or dessert – from their family’s country of origin or another country to which they are connected. Students took the opportunity to taste these dishes from around the world. After the tastings, students spent time filling out a form where they could check off what they tried and then provide their thoughts about the food they sampled.

The dishes showcased were: 
  • Scones (England)
  • Swedish Pancakes (Sweden)
  • Italian Pizzelle Cookies (Italy)
  • Irish Soda Bread  and Butter (Ireland)
  • Lychee Coconut Jelly (Taiwan)        
  • Quiche (France)
  • Empanadas (Spain)                          
  • Bourin Stuffed Chicken (France)
  • Coleslaw (Germany)                         
  • Sweet Cornbread (Mexico)
  • Canadian Maple Cookies (Canada)            
  • Chicken Estofado (Peru)
  • Sushi “Hot Popper” (Japan)                 
  • Irish Potato Candy (Ireland)
  • Swedish Fish Candy (Sweden)            
  • Shepherd’s Pie (Ireland)
  • German Biscuits (Germany)              
  • Coconut Bake (Trinidad)
  • Sausage and Chicken Gumbo (U.S.)             
  • Churros (Spain/Portugal)                                         
  • Lasagna (Italy)
“During class the day after the event, the students and I brainstormed about their impressions and experiences, their likes and dislikes, and how courageous they were to try foods they had never heard of or seen before,” Booth said. “The students had great feedback,” Booth noted. “They loved it!”

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