Upper School Health and Wellness Programs

The Health and Wellness Counselor coordinates special programs and assemblies for the Upper School and oversees the Link Leaders, an organization whose upperclassmen members serve as role models for freshman students and consistently promote the importance of FWCD’s core values. Link Crew Mentors  teach a variety of programs for freshman (with oversight and guidance from the counselor), including understanding the Upper School culture, Homecoming "do’s and don’ts," Honor Council vs. Discipline Committee, social media wellness, conflict management and "I" statements, communicating with teachers, knowing your resources, and a Cocoa and Cram event (in preparation for midterms). Overarching Upper School programs highlight the sharing of information on topics such as mental well-being and positive adjustments, character and relationship skills, growth and development, sexuality education, nutrition, substance use and abuse, vaping, diseases and disorders, consumer health, safety and injury prevention, and community and environment. 

The Health and Wellness Counselor connects with students in class meetings several times a year to provide programming. In the fall, conversations center on healthy choices regarding managing time, stress, and the social scene, including social media and drug and alcohol use.
Upper School Programming At-a-Glance
Link Crew
Healthy Relationships Retreat
Team Building - Ropes Course
Community Service and its Wellness Connection (people feel better when performing good deeds for others)
Documentary Screenings: Haze, Angst, Screenagers
Upper School Health Survey
Webinars: Vaping
Substance Abuse Prevention Workshops

Class Meeting Topics
Suicide Prevention  (September, all grades)
PSATs – Stress Relief (October, grades 11-12)
Freedom from Chemical Dependency (Fall)
Parent Meeting on Drug Awareness and Prevention (Fall)
Senior Documentary Viewing of Haze (Spring)
Consent, Sexual Health, STDs (Spring, Grades 11-12)
Athena Strategies for Sexual Assault (Spring, Grade 12)
Healthy Relationship Retreat, including a Parent Meeting on Talking to Teens about Sexual Health (Fall, Grade 9)

Meet the Counselor

“I subscribe to the African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child. As a parent and as a counselor, I can help children and teens grow and develop when I partner with teachers, parents, coaches, counselors, mentors, administrators and community resources.”

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  • Katie Walker 

    Upper School Health and Wellness Counselor
4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: 817.732.7718
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