Center for International Studies

Fort Worth Country Day is committed to preparing young people to make a difference in a complex and changing world. We strive to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to understand and act responsibly and creatively to resolve local and global issues. While many schools simply offer their students opportunities to travel, FWCD seeks to cultivate global competence in all JK-12 students by weaving global perspectives into the curriculum, working with local partners to contribute to our Fort Worth community, and providing meaningful international travel and hosting exchanges.

Our Mission

The mission of the FWCD Center for International Studies is to provide programs and experiences that build students’ capacity to thrive in an ever-changing global community. 

Center initiatives include overseas summer expeditions, exchange opportunities and cultural programs meant to ensure that all FWCD graduates gain an understanding of the following global competencies:

  • Experience in and ability to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.
  • Ability to recognize and appreciate perspectives other than their own.
  • Ability to engage in open, appropriate, and effective interactions across cultures.
  • Ability to take action for collective well-being and sustainable development.

The Center at a Glance

Summer Travel Opportunities
 to Europe, Australia, South America and Asia.

One of 14 schools in the prestigious service learning program. FWCD students and teachers have volunteered in Detroit, New Orleans, Pine Ridge Reservation, Panama, Tibet and Cambodia.
International youth trips and exchanges intended to develop deeper cross-cultural mindsets and understanding.
Short-term hosting opportunities
in collaboration with Fort Worth Sister Cities Ambassador Middle School Program and Language & Friendship, Inc. FWCD has hosted students from Japan and France.
Campus-Based Initiatives
World Heritage Day, Multiple Service Learning Activities, On-going Development of Global Competency Curriculum and Alumni Travel

Center for International Studies News

Travel Programs and Opportunities

FWCD Programs


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  • Panama

    This program, led by Nicole Masole and Debby Arnold, will immerse you in the incredible archipelago of Bocas del Toro where you will explore coral reefs, mangroves, and rainforests in addition to supporting the after school centers run by Give and Surf.

    While in Bocas, you will spend your mornings learning about climate change, marine conservation, and the unique ecosystems of Bocas from several local nonprofits working on conservation efforts. In the afternoon, you will support local teachers in an after school center leading activities around marine and environmental education. You will also have the opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish language, connect with local residents, hike to empty beaches, and snorkel coral reefs.

    Dates: March 11-18, 2023
    Grades: Upper School students
    $2,750 plus airfare
    Financial Aid Deadline: September 14, 2022
    Details | Download Flyer | View Presentation
  • Italy

    Join Middle School Latin Teacher Clint Hagen for an exploration of ancient Rome and its modern legacy in a trip that combines the best of both. Whether you have studied Latin or not, this trip will make the ancient world come alive as we trace the impact of Roman civilization from its beginning through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, modern Europe, and the United States. Visit the excavated ruins of first-century Pompeii, the Colosseum, the Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, and experience a first-of-its-kind virtual reality reconstruction of Nero’s palace, the Domus Aurea – all while being led by expert tour guides. In between these experiences, eat some of the world’s best food and sample the best gelato you’ll ever have. Your adventures in Rome, the eternal city, will create memories that will last a lifetime.

    March 11-19, 2023
    Grades: Open to anyone in the classes of 2023, ’24, ’25, and ’26 (current 8th-11th)
    Cost: $5100
    Financial Aid Deadline: September 14, 2022
  • Québec

    Travel with Jumpstreet Educational Tours to Québec, Canada. Spend 9 days in Ottawa, Montréal and Québec City viewing locations of historical and political importance, beautiful cities and landscapes, and close encounters with nature—all within the context of French Canadian language and culture.

    Dates: May 30-June 7, 2023
    Grades: 5-9 in 2022-23 academic year; highly recommended for all Middle School French students. Latin and Spanish students are also welcome.
    Cost: Depends on number of students
    Financial Aid Deadline: September 14, 2022
  • Hawaii

    Students in grades 9-11 in the 2022-23 academic year (current grades 8-10 students) are invited to join this trip to Hawaii's Big Island. Ho’iki o ke Kai is FWCD’s summer Marine Science course and is led by Upper School Science Teachers Christy Alvear and Mark Lichaj. Financial aid may be discussed through the Business Office, and scholarship applications will be available. Students will receive one semester credit at FWCD after completing and passing the course. The informational meeting is on Tuesday, March 22, in Upper School Science Room 106 at 6:30 p.m.
    Dates: June 6-21, 2023
    Grades: Upper School Students in Grades 9-11 during the 2022-23 academic year
    Interest Meeting: 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 22, Upper School Science Room 106

Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder

Ethical leadership development through experiential courses. Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder (SStS) courses offer unique opportunities to work alongside local NGOs in thirteen different locations as they seek to improve conditions in their communities.

Global Coalition of Schools

FWCD is one of 14 schools in North America in the Shoulder to Shoulder Global Coalition of Schools.

Program Locations

  1. Bolivia
  2. Boulder, Colorado
  3. Costa Rica
  4. Dallas, Texas
  5. Detroit, Michigan
  6. Kenya
  7. Nepal
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana
  9. Panama I
  10. Panama II
  11. Peru
  12. Pine Ridge, South Dakota
  13. San Diego, California
As thoughts turn to planning for next summer, the Center for International Studies would like to share Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder (SStS) information. When the world opens for safe travel, SStS will be ready to provide meaningful ethical leadership programs in the U.S. and abroad. Right now, students in grades 8-12 can reserve a spot on programs with no financial risk. Summer 2022 applications are now open for field studies in Bolivia, Colorado, Costa Rica, Texas, Michigan, Kenya, Nepal, Louisiana, Panama, Peru, South Dakota, and California with such themes as education, environment, food security, gender equality, health care, immigration, marine science, Spanish immersion, and sustainability. 

Fort Worth Sister Cities - Cultural Exchange

Cultural immersion, Spring Break, and Summer trips for students in grades 8-12. Approximate costs range from $350 - $4000.  Limited financial aid is available. Learn more about the Fort Worth Sister Cities Program.

Spring Break Opportunities
1. Budapest, Hungary - $2500
2. Reggio Emilia, Italy - $2500
3. Nî​mes, France - $2500
4. Toluca, Mexico - $1700

Cultural Exchanges
1. Nagaoka, Japan - $2700
2. Nagaoka, Japan - $350 (Harashin Scholar Program)
3. Guiyang, China - $3800

Travel Shifts Perspectives

“We live in a global economy and it is imperative that FWCD students are prepared to work and live in this global society. We want our students to feel the freedom of travel and not be intimidated by the unknown. If our kids think the world is a small place, they will be much more likely to venture out into the world and do amazing things.”
-MS Parent
“International experiences, whether cultural or academic, give students a look into the broad spectrum of the world and does not limit their learning to the United States.”
-US Parent
“While language immersion is at the top of my list, I also feel that the experience of traveling and seeing different cultures, different life perspectives is critical for raising a global citizen able to communicate with all people and to destroy stereotypes.”
-US Parent
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