Voices Soaring

The voices of FWCD Middle School students Jane Shelton ’24, Lily Hyde ’24, Jennifer Lee ’24, Lauren Batton ’25, Sadie Thompson ’24,  Carly Walker ’24, Lilah Firestone ’25, Carolina Murrin ’24 and Vivian Richey ’25 are soaring in this rendition of the School’s Alma Mater.
“Nothing can replace the true community of singing together, but creating and making music again with these ladies truly filled my heart,” said Erin Ypya, Middle School Choir Director. “I miss FWCD, I miss our home where we make music. But this is a close second.”
Many think this is all done via a Zoom, but that is not really possible because Zoom has a pretty large lag due to internet speeds. Ypya did research on YouTube and looked into contracting someone to do it. “They wanted to charge $1,000,” Ypya said. “Big No!” She took on the job herself.
The 45-second video took more than 40 hours of scoring/arranging, recording and editing. The girls were all volunteers for this project; it was not an assignment. The group met via Zoom to discuss the process and then moved on to practicing their assigned voice part to make sure they had the tempo and notes just right.
Ypya made practice tracks with a tone at the top and a click track. “Singing together separately is very difficult,” she said. “So the long tone helped me line the video and audio up, and the click track helped the singers stay together tempo wise.”

The recording process required the students to have two devices: one to record from and one to play the track through headphones. “They would play the long tone out loud and then connect the headphones,” Ypya noted. “That way the click track was not heard, just their voices. They then pressed record.”

Each singer emailed Ypya the recorded track using Adobe Premiere, which she purchased and learned to use. “I started cutting, cropping, editing and lining the videos up,” she said. “Then I split the audio from the videos and dropped the mp3s into Audacity.
“In Audacity I was able to line the soundwaves up even closer and edit the volume and tone of the tracks so that it sounded more like a live performance,” she continued. “Then I saved the video and the track separately and dropped them both into iMovie to line them up and BAM. Virtual Choir.”
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