“Ear-Savers” Delivered to FWCD Team Physicians

Doctors, nurses and health care professionals are working around the clock to care for the community and help patients battle COVID-19. Comfort is the farthest thing from their minds, but it can be key. Head Athletic Trainer and Associate Athletic Director Ed Chisholm saw online that someone was making “ear savers” using their 3-D printer. “I asked one of FWCD’s  team physicians, Richard Linsky MD, if he thought that he and his colleagues could use them,” Chisholm noted.
Dr. Linsky was excited about the possibility because the masks they currently use have elastic bands that go behind the ears. With the need to wear masks all day long, the doctors’ and nurses’ are taking a hit: getting sore and raw. “This strap takes the pressure off the ears by connecting the side elastic ‘ear loops’ behind the head instead,” Chisholm noted. “It can be reused over and over.”
Chisholm contacted Dr. Steve Uhr, Director of Technology, to see if the ear savers could be manufactured using the 3D printers in the FWCD TEAM (Technology Engineering Art Maker) Room.
Using a shared public file posted on Thingiverse by contributor Suraky, Dr. Uhr made a couple of straps to try the design out. After a few simple modifications on Tinkercad, he used the School’s 3D printers to produce both nylon and plastic ear-saver straps. “The printers can print a batch of eight straps in about three hours, and so far we have printed about 100 of them.”
On Thursday, April 9, Chisholm delivered 40 to their team doctors and their clinics, offices and ER. Sixteen went to Dr. Linsky, (Harris downtown ER); 10 were provided to Steve Brotherton, MD; two were given to Millard “Buddy” Tierce IV ’92, DO; and six each were given to Natalia Hanson, MD, and Greg Hanson, MD.
Recently, This week Glowforge began a national program, asking volunteers to make two million ear savers on school laser cutters. “Using an acrylic material, we can turn out a sheet of 70 acrylic ear savers in about an hour.,” Dr. Uhr said. “Fort Worth Country Day is proud to support both local and national doctors and nurses in this time of need.”
Any local health care professionals or first-responders can contact Ed Chisholm or Steve Uhr if they need ear-saver straps.
4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: 817.732.7718
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