Students Recreate Famous Artwork – on Pumpkins

Last Friday, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) members engaged in their third consecutive Pumpkin Painting Party. Just last year, NAHS Advisor and Upper School Art Teacher Lauren Cunningham gave the painting party a theme – “Famous Works of Art” – and made it a contest with faculty and staff voting via a Google form. Formerly part of the Art Fundamentals class, the contest had three entries in its inaugural year.
This year, NAHS students provided eight entries. Faculty and staff voted for their favorites throughout the day on Monday. Sawyer Parker ’22 was the winner for his rendition of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. Other students participating in the competition were:
Adriana Barker ’19 – Swaying Dancer by Edgar Degas
Janie Bradford ’21 – Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondrian
Karina Cedillo ’20 – KAWSBOB by Brian Donnelly (aka KAWS)
Riley Hammett ’19 – San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet
Mary Johnson ’21 – Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge by Claude Monet
Mary Grace McGann ’22 – Nymphéas V by Claude Monet
Bo “Felicia” Pang ’20 – The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
“I started doing the contest as a way to get students talking about and looking closely at famous works of art. The museum-goer spends, on average, less than a minute looking at each artwork,” Cunningham noted. “In that amount of time, it’s impossible to fully see the artwork and all its details. When students have to recreate a famous work of art, it forces them to slow down and really study it. They are also more likely to commit it to memory and then recognize it when they see it again.”
Last year, students elected to donate their pumpkins to Mirabella, the assisted living center across from FWCD. Cunningham is hoping the pumpkin will be donated to the facility again this year. 
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