FWCD Partners with Cowboy Compost

The month of October kicked off Fort Worth Country Day’s composting program. FWCD is the only school in Fort Worth partnering with Cowboy Compost in this endeavor. Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra Music Director, spoke to students in all divisions about the benefits of composting and what to expect in the Fischer Dining Pavilion during lunch.
“We are thrilled with this opportunity to partner with Cowboy Compost,” said Eric Lombardi, Head of School . “This new composting program will further mold our students into responsible citizens who serve others and their community. It’s always wonderful when we find new and innovative ways to raise awareness about important issues such as waste, and develop solutions that improve our campus and the greater Fort Worth community.”
The partnership with Cowboy Compost involves students K-12 responsibly placing their lunch trash in the appropriate container. In Fort Worth Country Day’s Fischer Dining Pavilion, there are receptacles for food waste, bins for recycling, and containers for trash. After the food waste is collected, Cowboy Compost takes it to a compost center where it is made into rich soil, a process that takes 6-12 months. Though some of the soil is returned to Fort Worth Country Day, most of it is distributed throughout Fort Worth. On average, FWCD is collecting 2,100 pounds of food waste per week. 
“I started composting because I didn’t want my children living in a city where we are not aware of our actions,” said Harth-Bedoya. “We are here at Fort Worth Country Day to share and practice this system of composting and to ensure our food scraps do not go to waste.”
Established in 2016 by Harth-Bedoya and entrepreneur Johanna Calderón, Cowboy Compost works with organizations and businesses to raise awareness about organic waste challenges and provide composting services previously unavailable in Fort Worth. Cowboy Compost delivers food waste to local professional composting facilities so that this organic waste will help create nutrient-rich soil.
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