Broadening Horizons

Upper School students in the World Religions course took a field trip to the Vietnamese Buddhist temple called Chùa Hương Đạo. Buddhist Monk Chantelle K. Nanda who has been a monk for 55 years (since he was 10 years old) gave the group a tour. An incredibly knowledgeable guide, Nanda is fluent in Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Originally from Sri Lanka, Nanda helped found a temple first in Houston and then here in Fort Worth. He gave a brief introduction/overview to Buddhist beliefs, including a review (for our students) of the four noble truths as well as common practices and values. The students and our other guests, which included Head of School Eric Lombardi and Upper School Art/Art History Teacher Lauren Cunningham, asked questions about diet, a monk's garments and practices, and some of the objects in the temple. The trip was eye opening and the students look forward to maintaining a relationship with this temple.
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