Eighth-Graders Shine in One-Act Plays

FWCD eighth-graders took to the Scott Theater stage early in May to perform two one-act plays: Alice in Wonderland and Selfie. For many in the cast and crew, this culminating project sparks a passion for theatre and/or musical theatre as they transition to Upper School. Natalie Bracken ’05, Middle School Theatre Teacher, captured the students at their very best in the performances.
Alice in Wonderland chronicles Alice’s adventures as she tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole and finds herself in a strange land where everyone is raving mad. With the help of a Cheshire Cat, an astute Caterpillar and a righteous Humpty Dumpty, Alice navigates her way home and discovers who she really is.
Selfie highlights a cast of characters embroiled in senior year challenges that are mounting for the students as they prepare for the future. Facing bullies, parents, pressure, sickness and their own self-judgment, these students search for ways to stand out. Documenting  their year—one click at a time—they come to realize that life is not about what other people see: It’s about the pictures they have of themselves.
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