For the Love of Math

Third-graders recently displayed their mathematical prowess at Family Math Night, a fun evening that encourages parents and students to work together to solve various math equations. A staple in the Lower School since 1995, Family Math Night fosters a love of math and highlights the Lower School’s Everyday Mathematics 4 curriculum.
Assembled in the Fischer Dining Pavilion, students and their parents took part in candy jar estimation (Kit Kats and Starbursts!) to kick off the evening before rotating through six stations where students showed the math skills they’ve been honing throughout the year.
The stations included:
  1. Multiplication Baseball: Students practice multiplication facts and score runs in a “baseball game.” This Everyday Math activity can also be played online.
  2. Hurkle: A game similar to Battleship, students practice naming points on a coordinate grid using cardinal directions to find the hidden Hurkle.
  3. Name that Number: Using a deck of playing cards, students are dealt five cards with the sixth card (known as the target card) flipped to view. Students then take the five cards dealt and use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to get to the target number using as many cards and functions as possible.
  4. Build It: Students use colored blocks and build a tower based on clues they receive.
  5. QR Code Math: Students write a number story using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The QR code, which was created previously in the Lower School Collaboratory, is the number story’s answer. Parents can check their answer using the QR code.
  6. Multiplication Squares: Using 10-sided dice, students roll and complete the multiplication fact. On the game board, there are products listed. Students put a line around the product to close it out at some point and command the square.
The origins of Third-Grade Math Night date back to 1995, when Mary Kay Varley (then Third-Grade Teacher, now Lower School Intermediate Math Support) was one of the teachers who went for training and then worked with others to create a third-grade afterschool math club. The last club meeting culminated in a Math-A-Rama Night. Over time, Math-A-Rama, now known as Family Math Night, has become a signature event for third-graders.
“The night has evolved over the years,” said Lower School Teachers Heather Goldman and Joni Heinzelmann, “to truly engage parents in the skills their students are learning in our Everyday Mathematics curriculum. It’s become more about children teaching their parents how fun math is and that math does not have to be the ‘rote for note’ memorization of the past.” 
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