The Matchmaker: US Fall Play Cast List Announced

The Matchmaker
Assistant Directors                  Ainsley Bescher ’20, Riley Hammett ’19
Assistant Stage Manager        Joseph Westermann ’19
Plot Summary
Thorton Wilder’s uproarious farce about love and money, stars the irrepressible busybody, Dolly Gallagher Levi, who inspired the Broadway musical, Hello, Dolly! Through Dolly’s subtle machinations, several unlikely couples come together to find happiness in 19th-century New York.

Dolly Levi
Horace Vandergelder
Irene Molloy
Minnie Fay
Cornelius Hackl
Barnaby Tucker
Malachi Stack
Ambrose Kemper
Flora Van Husen
Joe Scanlon

Catherine Cravens ’18
Ben Bauman ’18
Kacey Melton ’18
Alexandra Galloway ’19
Jackson Bennett ’18
Finn Connor ’18
Harrison Sapienza ’18
Samuel DeRobertis ’18
Chloe Gilpin ’19
Avery Pate ’19
Claire Guthrie ’20
Ian Lee ’20
Will Tuomey ’20
Henry Harveson
Ashlin McCormack ’20
Second Cast
Bass Bumstead ’19 (Vandergelder), Kathleen Clum ’18 (Dolly), Bailey Melton ’20 (Minnie), Julia Petsche ’20 (Irene), Stephanie Cook ’20 (Ermengarde), Stephanie Morgan ’20 (Flora), Kale Graves ’21 (Cabman), Ainsley Hilliard ’20 (Josephine), Lily Melcher ’20 (Cook), Julia Atkinson ’19 (Rudolph), Solana Adedokun ’20 (Gertrude)
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