Third Year in a Row for Geo Bee Winner

Thirteen Mason Middle School students—12 boys and one girl—showed their extensive geography aptitude as they participated in FWCD’s Geography Bee. Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Geo Bee, as it’s affectionately known at FWCD, is a competition for public schools, private schools, and homeschools in the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific territories, and Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Schools with students in grades 4-8 are eligible to participate in this educational and entertaining contest.
FWCD participants were:
Colton Blair ’21
Joaquin Castro-Balbi ’22
Jackson Grace ’23
Ethan Hickman ’21
Matthew Lobo ’23
Henry Lynn ’21
Rick McBroom ’22
Andrew Nober ’21
Will Pakis ’23
Luke Rollins ’23
Robert Sanders ’23
Kat Steele ’21
Ben Tomasic ’21
The participants began testing their geographic knowledge in three preliminary themed rounds: State Savvy (Round 1), History Happens (Round 2) and Ocean Wonders (Round 3). Brad Jones, Assistant Head of Middle School, posed the questions to students who had 15 seconds to answer. Kathy Welch, Middle School Registrar, and Aaron Hoover, Middle School History Teacher, served as judges and scored the rounds. (Head of Middle School John Stephens stepped in for Hoover after advisory period.) Additional rounds consisted of Fascinating Facts that are Weird but True, World Science, Odd One Out and Map Reading.
When the final rounds started, there were nine students still in it to win it. It all came down to Lynn, the champ for the past two years, and Nober. In the end, Lynn clinched the title for the third year in a row, with Nober as the runner up.

As the winner of the FWCD School Bee, Lynn took an online qualification test on Monday, February 6, for a chance to compete in the State Bee. School champions who qualify for the State Bee will be notified in early March. State Bees take place in every state and the District of Columbia, on March 31.

To learn more about the National Geographic Society and Geography Bee, visit
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Phone: 817.732.7718
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