Fourth-Graders Show Their Respect

Lower School “Specials” work as interdisciplinary teams to support and complement curriculum projects and initiatives throughout the school year. One such project is the fourth-grade T-shirt. Years ago, Health and Wellness Counselor Theresa Fuss taught fourth-grade leadership classes, and she designed a shirt with the motto “Leading with Heart.” Now, Dorrine DeChant, Visual Arts Teacher, has expanded that idea to include a unit on graphic design where the students can create their own leadership T-shirt.

To kick off the creative process, Fuss talked about the FWCD core values, but focused on this year’s main core value -- respect -- to ensure the students understood its meaning. DeChant then inspired the students to ponder the meaning so they could create original ideas to illustrate what that core value means to them. 

This year’s class of fourth-graders outdid themselves! The following 14 students were finalists. 

Witt Bumstead
Caden Grace
Laine Hasenzahl
Caroline Hurley
Vivienne Johns
Eva Kim
Griff Lee
Vy Nguyen
Laila Rafati
Lucy Sell
Beckett Shropshire

Caroline Sparks
Ava Spikes
Will Tiblets
John Todora

After the projects were completed, the Lower School Office Staff and Administration chose the most creative and unique designs that best exemplified the theme of respect.  The students then voted on the winning design.

The winning design this year was created by Caroline Hurley with “Respect is a High Score!”  Her design will be printed on T-shirts for the entire fourth-grade class to wear on designated days. “Wearing the shirt is a privilege for our fourth-grade leaders,” Fuss said. “Creating their design and remembering to wear their shirt when performing in leadership roles is their responsibility.

“We provide opportunities, and they rise to the occasion; it gives them a sense of pride,” Fuss continues. “The T-shirt sets them apart from the rest of the students, and it reminds them of their important role in setting the example for the entire Lower School!”

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