Beverly Anne Robinson, 2018 FWCD Honorary Alumna

Beverly Anne Robinson, Honorary Alumna

Beverly Anne Robinson, known to her friends and family affectionately as Anne, joined the Fort Worth Country Day community as an Upper School English Teacher in 1971 after spending six years teaching in the Fort Worth ISD. She was hired by Founding Headmaster Peter A Schwartz H’98 and worked under four Heads of School from 1971 until 2007. Anne recalls walking into her first Country Day classroom, with 17-18 students, and feeling as if she was in heaven. In her retirement letter to then Head of School b, she wrote, “With the amount of attention I was able to devote to them [students], some of them thought they were in hell.” She was happy to be teaching students in a supportive environment.
During her tenure at FWCD, Anne’s focus was always on her students. She was fair, funny (known to dress up as an FWCD football player for Halloween) and straightforward, challenging students to be the best readers and writers – and their best selves. Alexandra Stevens ’85 majored in English because of teachers like Anne. “She was tough, but we knew she loved us,” she said.
Anne conceived and developed courses such as The Nature of Evil, A Study in Power, Mob Violence in Literature, The War Novel, Four Shakespearean History Plays and The Bible as Literature. In addition to teaching, she was the Upper School Assistant Principal from 1977-86, and she served as Chair of the English Department, Director of Summer School, Student Council Advisor and a Softball Coach. Anne also began the School’s outreach/tutorial program with the public schools, which was later run successfully by Andrew Cordell.
Anne began the Faculty Endowed Scholarship program under Headmaster Geoffrey Butler H’98. She worked with fellow teacher Susan Stevens Crummel to enhance the scholarship fund, and it doubled in a year. “With faculty and parental support, the fund has continued to grow beyond my dreams,” she said.
The world was bright for Anne because of her students. Some of the first students she met were from the Class of 1973, Frank Stevenson, Tom Leatherbury, Bob Dowling, Robin Brookman Kinsel, Debbie Blair and Charlotte Munn Ward, and, from the Class of 1974, Adelaide Kline Liedtke, Debbie Conner Norris and Ruthie Newberry Gessinger.
Upon retirement in 2007, Anne cited for Peterson the one quality that makes FWCD stand out. “I have thought of this for a while,” she wrote, “and I think the one quality which distinguishes our school from all the others—besides the fact that we prepare students for college better than anyone else—is the generosity of its parents and supporters. The early years, as well as the later years of our school, have been marked by unselfishness characteristic of, and, I think, particular to Fort Worth.”
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