Gulf War is Brought Painfully Home

Gulf war is brought painfully home
Author: Star-Telegram
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For residents of Tarrant County, the gulf war is no longer a tragedy unfolding "over there" in some forbidding, sandy place.

With the death of Marine Capt. David Herr Jr. of Fort Worth, the conflict has ceased to be a matter of statistics about sorties flown, damage assessments and the performance of high-tech weapons.

Desert Storm has been transformed into a painful human drama with a cast of parents, relatives, friends, teachers and fellow citizens sharing both the grief and the pride that his heroic fate elicit.

Herr saw his duty, did it and paid the ultimate price in the defense of freedom against the forces of tyranny.

Before this terrible episode ends, others from among the scores of Tarrant County residents serving in harm's may also may pay that price.

We hope their numbers will be few and offer a prayer for their well-being, even as we commend Captain Herr to the list of the county's and the nation's honored dead.

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