Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend

The Duke University Talent Identification Program proudly presents the Duke TIP Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend at Fort Worth Country Day in Fort Worth, Texas. This weekend consists of two full days of intensive academic study where 7th through 11th-grade students choose a topic not typically covered in school. These courses foster greater curiosity and exposure to higher level concepts across the spectrum of math, science, humanities, and technology, and offers hands-on learning experiences with similarly motivated peers. Please note that overnight accommodations are not provided.

As a participant in the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search, your child has the opportunity to participate in the Duke TIP Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend, where students engage in critical thinking, creating, and connecting with other students with similar interests. Only 7th through 11th-grade students with a current Duke TIP identification number may register.

Our Spring Duke TIP Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend Program will be held February 9-10, 2019

Questions? Please contact Aimee Jenkins at aimee.jenkins@fwcd.com 

Facts and Questions

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  • How to Apply

    Note: This program is only open to 7th through 11th-grade students who have participated in the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search. Only students with a current TIP ID number should register.

    Students register for courses on a first come, first served basis. Class size is limited to no more than 17 students. Because the classes fill quickly, please take time to go over the course descriptions with your child to prioritize choices.
  • Registration

    All registrations are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is open now. 

    Registration closes on 1/28/19.
  • Cost

    All courses offered February 9-10, 2019 cost $375.00. The tuition includes academic activities, snacks and lunch.
  • Scholars Weekend Course Descriptions for 2019

    Blast Off!
    Get ready to move beyond basic rocketry!  Build a two-stage rocket from scratch. Then, don’t forget the onboard camera(s) to take awesome video of the flight. See our little corner of Fort Worth from a new perspective!
    Instructor: John Cordell

    Blockbuster Beginnings: Screenwriting Workshop
    Like many art forms, movies begin in the minds of people. One of those people could be you! Screenwriters create all the moments you’ve come to love in your favorite movies and television shows. They are the ones who craft the catchy dialogue of the characters you quote. In this course, we will dive into the unique writing style and format screenwriters use to launch the first phase of the movie-making process. We will also carefully watch film clips to analyze their character development and story structure. Finally, each student will write the first ten pages of their own original speculative screenplay. So, bring your movie ideas, your movie questions, and your movie popcorn! 
    Instructor: Loren Sammons

    Bridge Building
    Students will learn the basic components of modern bridges including how they are constructed and why they have strength. Students will use introductory CAD software to design truss bridges. We will use a CNC machine to cut components of their bridges from wood stock, assemble them and then bench test them for their load bearing strength. Students will learn about the different types of truss bridges as well as introductory engineering terms associated with bridges. This course is limited to 12 students who have not previously taken this course.  
    Instructors: Steve Uhr and Chuck Kraus
    Location: TEAM/Robotics Room

    DNA Detectives
    Police have just been called to a crime scene on the FWCD campus. Are you good at solving crimes? Come and test your skills in this Forensics based crime scene investigation. You will learn how to gather evidence, analyze data, and determine a conclusion based on evidence and reasoning. Topics covered will be lifting fingerprints, comparing fibers and hair, determining blood type, and calculating time of death. You will also get a crash course in DNA structure and extraction, protein synthesis, and DNA fingerprinting using gel electrophoresis. Based on the evidence you have collected you should be able to help the police solve this crime. The odds of solving a crime after 48 hours decreases by 50 percent. We need your help!  Limited to students who have not previously taken this course.
    Instructors: Sherri Reed and Katherine Perkins

    Financial Literacy Through Board Games
    Financial literacy is one of the most important practical skills students can learn to promote a healthy future for themselves and their communities. As most adults know, it can take years to learn how to be successful in a market economy, and this education often involves learning “the hard way” of acquiring debt or losing money outright. But what if students could acquire knowledge and skills about financial literacy in a short time while having fun?

    This program aims to teach the essentials of financial literacy through the board games Monopoly and Cash Flow while also considering whacky ideas about the future of economics through critical discussions. In between rounds of ferocious financial competition, we will consider the broader implications of how our saving, spending, and investing shape our communities.
    Instructor: TBD

    The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb: Exploring Egypt’s Golden Empire
    Who were the ancient Egyptians? Why did they create such monumental constructions and such magnificent works of art? The culture, history, art, architecture, and religion of ancient Egypt has long captured the imagination of people across the world. From royal pyramids, court artisans and powerful pharaohs, to grandiose temples, mysterious gods and foreign invasions, participants will experience the world of ancient Egypt, its highs and lows, and the rich tapestry of its culture. We will study a wide variety of subjects, including World History, Geography, Science, Art, and Religion. Join us as we go on a journey that spans over 500 years and examines all facets of life in ancient Egypt.
    Instructors: Alison Gee and Jennifer Hannah

    Uke Can Do It!
    Have you ever wanted to learn to play a little Ukulele? How about MAKE your OWN ukulele, learn the science and physics behind why it works, and learn a few chords and catchy melodies. The class will build ukuleles using kits, mathematics, and introductory knowledge of acoustics and physics. Class time will be divided between physics lessons and ukulele lab construction time. The course is limited to 10 students.
    Instructors: Heather Peace and Chelsy Merrill

    Write, Critique, Revise: Fiction Writer’s Workshop
    This short story writing seminar for the Duke TIP Scholars’ Weekend focuses on elements of writing, critiquing as a prelude to revision, and marketing short fiction online. Students need to submit one piece of writing (2-5 pages, double-spaced) prior to the weekend so that I have one set of stories read and ready for conferencing; thereafter individual conferencing will be staggered with in-class writing time. The expectation is that students will write several new works, take part in group critiques, and possibly submit a story to a magazine or anthology. Students may bring their personal laptop with them for in-class writing if they want, however, laptops will be provided. The course is limited to 13 students.
    Instructor: Jon Shipley
    Location: Library 104

  • Financial Aid

    Financial aid for Duke TIP at Fort Worth Country Day is available on a first-come, first-served basis to families who demonstrate need. 

    To apply for financial aid:

    1. Complete the FWCD Duke Tip Financial Aid Application and the Scholars Weekend Course Preference Form.  You can view the course options on our Duke TIP website at www.fwcd.org/duketipscholars

    2. Submit the completed application, all supporting documentation, and the Academic Adventures Course Preference form to Angela Benson in the FWCD Business Office no later than January 14, 2019. Mailing address: Angela Benson, FWCD Business Office, 4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76109 no later than January 14, 2019. 

    Applications will be reviewed on January 15, 2019, and applicants will be notified about award decisions on January 16, 2019.  At that time, instructions will be given on how to complete the enrollment process. 

    Thank you for your interest in Duke TIP at FWCD!

    Download the FWCD Duke Tip Financial Aid Application
    Download the Scholars Weekend Course Preference Form
  • Schedule - February 9-10

    Duke TIP Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend – Schedule

    8:30-9 a.m.
    9 a.m.
    9:15 a.m.
    9:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m.
    12:15-1 p.m.
    1-3 p.m.
    3-3:15 p.m.
    3:15-5:30 p.m.
    5:30-6:30 p.m.
    6:30-8 p.m.
    8 p.m.
    Check-in in the Fischer Dining Pavilion
    Kick-off Meeting for Students and Parents
    Students to classes, Parents depart
    Classes in Session
    Classes in Session
    Afternoon Break (snacks provided)
    Classes in Session
    Classes in Session
    Pick-up from classroom
    8:30-­9:00 a.m.
    9-12:00 p.m.
    12-12:45 p.m.
    12:45-3:00 p.m.
    3-3:45 p.m.

    Check-­in in the Fischer Dining Pavilion
    Classes in Session (Be sure to include ten­ minute break where appropriate).
    Classes in Session
    Students Present to Parents in Classrooms

    What to Bring:
    - Notebook, pencil, and pen.
    - Wear comfortable clothes (jeans or shorts are fine for class) and shoes that are suitable for walking. A raincoat or jacket is recommended for inclement weather.
  • Campus Map - Check in Location

    Review the check-in location on the campus map.
  • Cancellations

    Cancellations must be requested in writing ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled program date to ensure a refund of tuition minus a $10 non-refundable registration fee. After that time, cancellations will result in forfeiture of payment except in cases of illness (with doctor’s note on letterhead), death of an immediate family member, or inclement weather. Refunds will take approximately one month to process.

Dr. Jim Aldridge

The Duke TIP Jim Aldridge Scholar Weekend at Fort Worth Country Day is named in honor of Dr. Jim Aldridge, a beloved FWCD faculty member for more than 30 years. Exemplifying the heart of the Duke TIP program, Dr. Aldridge constantly displayed an intellectual curiosity that was contagious to all who knew him.  A true Renaissance man, he was a writer, rock collector, nature buff, orchid grower, computer expert, pilot, meteorologist, photographer, astronomer, scuba diver, traveler and motorcycle enthusiast. Dr. Aldridge impacted hundreds of lives over the course of his 31-year career at Fort Worth Country Day through his insatiable love of learning and deep care for his students.
4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: 817.732.7718
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