FWCD Online: Upper School Learning

While FWCD Online officially takes place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., there is no typical day or week in the Upper School. Faculty have been charged to help students progress in each course and set them up for continued success in the FWCD curriculum. Teachers are delivering curriculum, offering support and assessing students for participation and the quality of their work. 
The ultimate goal is to help students learn content and master essential skills. Faculty are conveying key concepts in creative and meaningful ways. Zoom meetings, Google Classroom, the MyFWCD Portal, Quia (foreign languages) and the Pearson Math Program have been key in delivering curriculum to students, as well as live chats, blogs and video feeds. These platforms help to combat the isolation that all are feeling. 
The 9 a.m.-3 p.m. school day alternates between A and B days, with A-D classes meeting on the “A” days and and E-G classes meeting on the “B” days. This simplifies student/teacher schedules, creating fixed class times in the day and a regular pattern across the week. An "H" period at the end of the second day provides a free period when other student business may be scheduled. See a week’s schedule in the chart below.
The schedule builds in 10-minute transition periods between classes and still stays within the 9 a.m.-3 p.m. school day.  
"Our students appreciate the live-chats and video feeds. They are enjoying seeing one another and their teachers. These platforms allow us to combat the isolation we all feel. The sudden absence of community makes us appreciate it more. Even though we are not physically together right now, we are #OneFWCD."

—Stephen M. Stackhouse, Head of Upper School

Week at a Glance

Reserved Class Time: 15 hours
Study Blocks: 5 Hours
A: English 9 
B: Spanish II, Honors
C: Study
D: World History
E: Geometry, Honors 
F: Photography I
G: Biology I 
H: Study
Reserved Class Time: 16 hours
Study Blocks: 4 Hours
A: Chemistry I, Honors
B: AP Computer Science
C: English 10
D: American Government and Civics
E: Study
F: Latin III, Honors
G: AP Calculus (BC)
H: Study
Reserved Class Time: 18 hours
Study Blocks: 2 Hours
A: College Counseling
B: Photography III 
C: Physics, Honors  
D: AP English Literature 
E: Analysis, Honors 
F: Latin III, Honors 
G: AP United States History
H: Study 

Reserved Class Time: 15 hours
Study Blocks: 4 Hours
A: Topics in History
B: AP Comparative Government 
C: Engineering Design 
D; AP English Language 
E: AP Statistics 
F: Study 12th 
G College Counseling
H: Study
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Phone: 817.732.7718
Fort Worth Country Day (FWCD) is a JK-12 private, independent, coeducational, nondenominational college-preparatory school located on approximately 100 acres in Fort Worth, Texas. The mission of Fort Worth Country Day School is to foster the intellectual, physical, emotional, and ethical development of capable students through an academically rigorous college preparatory program that integrates the arts and athletics.