FWCD Online: Middle School Learning

While FWCD Online officially takes place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., there is no typical day or week in the Middle School. Our goal in online education is to help students develop in each course the essential skills and to convey to them the key concepts in a meaningful way. Because of the 1:1 iPad program, the Middle School is well-equipped to operate in this fashion. Students are engaging with the same apps that they’ve been using all year, with the only addition being Zoom and GooseChase, virtual scavenger hunt app. 

FWCD Online is deepening students’ understanding of content and building the skills necessary for them to be successful at FWCD next year. Teachers are working hard to provide authentic lessons (not just busy work), and parents are working hard to provide structure and accountability. That is what our community working together looks like these days. #OneFWCD
"Our goal in online education is to help students develop in each course the essential skills and to convey to them the key concepts in a meaningful way, not to keep kids busy and shift to fact memorization. We are proceeding with the conviction that your children are 'doing school.' We will be asking for their time, their efforts and their commitment to FWCD’s core values. We will be delivering curriculum, offering support and assessing students for their participation and the quality of their work. We ask that you be patient and communicative with us, and we promise you the same."

—John Stephens, Head of Middle School

Week at a Glance

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  • Zoom Class Sessions

    Middle School’s version of FWCD Online allows students to meet face-to-face via Zoom with two teachers for two classes daily, following a schedule provided by the Head of Middle School. With the exception of fine arts and humanities, the schedule is set up so that students interact with all of their teachers every three days. Teachers can use this time for direct teaching, reteaching, or simply checking in on their students' academic progress or social and emotional well-being. These half-hour class sessions are designed to simulate as best as possible a classroom atmosphere that is most conducive to learning. 
  • Daily Studies

    Daily lessons and assignments for all classes  English, math, social studies, science, foreign languages, arts, athletics  are posted to the learning management system that is typically used for that class (i.e., Google Classroom or MyFWCD Portal), by 9 a.m. A due date is included for all assignments. Students are expected to spend 20-45 minutes daily on each subject area. 
    Students are encouraged to get in a pattern of doing their work in the morning and receiving any clarification in the afternoon during Zoom class sessions and office hours.
  • Fostering Connection

    All Middle School teachers host office hours via Zoom from 2-3 p.m. each day. These office hours are optional for students to attend, but they are designated times when students can receive extra help or clarification on an assignment or project. Students are encouraged to complete their school work between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. in order to take advantage of these live interaction office hours.

    Students are also emailing their teachers; however, teachers have been encouraged not to respond to emails after 5 p.m. in order to allow balance and family time into their schedules.
  • Virtual Assemblies and Virtual Recess

    Students are connecting with one another by participating in virtual recess using the GooseChase app. With this mobile scavenger hunt app, students and their families complete challenges and upload photos and short videos of their progress to receive points. While the competition is purely for fun, there’s no denying that Middle School students are watching the leaderboard. Connecting with students is what the Middle School team is known for and this activity is an attempt at minimizing the loss of that connection under social-distancing circumstances. 

    On Fridays, grade-level Zoom assemblies give students the opportunity to connect with the Head and Assistant Head of Middle School, Middle School faculty and classmates beyond their scheduled classes. 
  • Arts and Athletics

    Zoom ballet classes and choir classes have become the norm. Students and teachers are taking to the kitchen, garage, home studios and outdoor patios for classes. Middle School band, choir and orchestra are filming videos. Middle School theatre is working on facial expressions. Middle School artists are creating sketches using items they have at home. All divisions are hosting a virtual coffeehouse event that will showcase both performing and visual arts.

    The Athletic Department is doing its part to help the community stay in shape. PE lessons are provided for grades 5-6 and strength and conditioning fitness routines for grades 7-8 are posted in the MyFWCD Portal.
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