Learning Support in the Middle School

Middle School Learning Specialist

Learning support in the FWCD Middle School takes on many forms. The ultimate goals with our students are to create consistent self-advocates and to utilize learning strategies that work for each student’s individual style. The Middle School Learning Specialist assists academically qualified students with learning differences, as well as provides counsel to support the learning of all Middle School students. The Learning Specialist works with students throughout the year to develop academic skills, beginning with a goals meeting and extending through the school year, with regular communication with students, parents and teachers as we progress.

The Middle School offers accommodations for students that have diagnosed learning differences, and the Learning Specialist works with them on implementing those accommodations. At the core of the process, we want to ensure that we are doing what is in the best interests of our students. Through the established learning support processes, we can ensure that students have a team of adults ready to provide assistance when needed.

Support for Any Student

  • All students may utilize their iPad to type notes and assignments.
  • Students may utilize audiobooks, through teacher-approved sources, to assist in their AR reading requirements.
  • Academic Workshops provided as needed to students on a variety of topics, including time management, organization, test preparation strategies, note-taking, improving memory and self-advocacy.
  • One-on-one consultation with the Learning Specialist to discuss academic skills strategies.
  • Recess and after-school study hall
  • Health and Wellness Counselor support for emotional and social issues associated with any learning difficulty
  • After-school assistance with homework, organization, test preparation or other study skills.

Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

To be considered for accommodations, the division learning specialist must have a copy of the educational evaluation from the diagnostician/psychologist on file. The learning specialist will verify that the documentation meets basic guidelines and will notify teachers that the student qualifies for accommodations. Although FWCD is unable to offer specific accommodations that fundamentally change our mission, programs, policies, or staffing, we do provide “reasonable” accommodative supports when there is a specific diagnosis provided from an updated evaluation.

Accommodations for Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

  • Extended time (time and a half) on tests, quizzes, in class timed assignments and standardized tests
  • Preferential seating in the classroom, typically close to the instructor, but may be anywhere in the room necessary to assist a student
  • The Notes Buddy system is an accommodation used with students who struggle to consistently keep accurate and detailed classroom notes. The goal is to model effective note taking for qualifying students.
  • Testing in a quiet location
  • Increased progress monitoring by the learning specialist

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  • Documentation Guidelines

    The student must have documentation on file at school that:

    1. States a specific disability and includes a “DSM” diagnosis code
    2. Is current—within the last three years
    3. Provides relevant educational, developmental and medical history
    4. Includes the detailed results of a battery of educational testing with a complete achievement test and a complete cognitive test, as minimum
    5. Describes the specific accommodations requested
    6. Establishes the professional credentials of the evaluator
    7. Addresses other requirements based on an individual student’s circumstances

Contact the Specialist

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  • Photo of Laura Ferguson

    Mrs. Laura Ferguson 

    Middle School Learning Specialist
    Stephen F. Austin State University
4200 Country Day Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: 817.732.7718
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