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Board of Trustees
Shannon Young Ray ‘80, President
David Ekstrom ‘75, Vice President, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Jane C. Nober, Secretary
Laura Bonnell Alexander '88
Richard Barajas
Marshall Boyd ‘85,Trustee & Leadership Committee Chair
Stephen Butt
Brent Clum
Michael Dike ‘88
Randy Eisenman '93
Rosalind Evans
Ann Barksdale House ‘82
Jim Hubbard, Advancement Committee Chair
L. Russell Laughlin, Immediate Past President
Scotty MacLean
Louella Martin
Stuart McDonald, MD, FCCP
Dorris Ann Morrissette, MD
Laura O'Brien
Bonnie Petsche
Tom Purvis ‘77, Building & Grounds Committee Chair
Scott Sankary ‘86

Ex Officio Members
Evan D. Peterson, Head of School
John R. Thompson III '93,
Alumni Association President
Tamara Reese, PFA President

Welcome to the Fort Worth Country Day Web site! 

One of the most important gifts we can offer our children is a solid education grounded by values. It is the most important investment you can make in their future.

While many schools tout their academic rigor, their sense of family and their students’ accomplishments in athletics and the arts, few schools anywhere in the country are able to weave these threads into the educational fabric as well as Fort Worth Country Day. Built upon a solid academic program, arts and athletics bring balance to the curriculum, providing a variety of opportunities for students to pursue multiple interests.

What is the measure of a successful school? At Fort Worth Country Day it is so much more than what is taught in the classroom.

The caliber of FWCD students is well known. They earn the highest SAT scores in the region, possess an exceptional record on AP examinations, earn National Merit recognition and are accepted into the finest universities in the country. Fort Worth Country Day students excel in the arts and are champions on the athletic fields. But our students are so much more than this.

The caliber of Fort Worth Country Day students is measured by what is in their hearts. What differentiates our students from those at our peer schools is their empathy and kindness for others, their strong ethical compass and their shining character.

When I stepped foot on the campus 23 years ago to take the position of Upper School Division Head, I was impressed with how welcoming the students, families and faculty were to me and my family. When I returned in 2002 to take the reins as Head of School, I found many changes. The major difference was that technology had been integrated into the fabric of the curriculum. But I was pleased to see that over the ensuing years, the welcoming nature of the community had not changed.

This is what you will feel when you visit our campus. I urge you to drive through our beautiful park-like campus and experience the serenity that the surroundings provide. Take a personal tour with our admissions director, meet the division heads, visit a classroom, talk with some of our students. You will feel this same warmth come alive.

One of the best things about working at Fort Worth Country Day is the knowledge that what we do here every day makes a difference. Our children find themselves in a place where learning is fun and where people care far more about them as a person than a number or a grade. Exploring the future is rewarding, and exciting.

Come explore our campus today!

Evan D. Peterson
Head of School